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11 Things to Talk About on Your First Date

1 March 2021
Dating is undoubtedly a fun experience. It is as exciting as it sounds. However, it requires effort and time, especially if it's your first date. Most couples feel nervous on their first date because they don't know what to talk about. Moreover, running out of words is the worst thing that can happen to you on your first date. No matter how confident you feel usually, you could be surrounded by awkward silences on your first date. To avoid getting caught up in this unlikely situation, it is important to be prepared in advance. You should know what to talk about and what topics to avoid, besides knowing some of the best conversation starters. Remember, first dates are all about getting to know the other person and making them comfortable. With this in mind, we have come up with some of the best things to talk about on your first date. Below is the list of eleven things that you should consider talking about on your first date.
  • Ask Your Date About His/Her Day: It is always a great idea to start your conversation by asking about your date’s day. You can simply say, "How was your day?" It is a simple conversation starter that will let the other person speak without being nervous or uncomfortable.
Moreover, it will also give your date the impression that you care for them. So, instead of directly jumping to tricky questions, keep your talk light and natural.
  • Talk About Food Preferences: Talking about food is a good way to let the conversation flow. Also, it's obvious that you will be ordering food soon.
Hence, it's better to know each other's likes and dislikes when it comes to food. You can ask your date, "What do you love to eat?" or "Would you like to order something?" In this way, you will continue to talk without going blank.
  • Get to Know About Their Hobbies: As already mentioned, first dates are an excellent way to understand the other person better. Therefore, you can take your conversation further by talking about each other's hobbies.
There's nothing more enticing than knowing the interests of the person you are dating. They might have some cool hobbies to share that can lead to wonderful chit-chats.
  • Talk About Their Idea of a Perfect Date: Find out what your date likes and dislikes about dating. Get to know their idea of an ideal date. It will help you know how to plan your future dates and what to avoid, besides getting to know the other person better.
You can also talk about their previous dating experiences if you’re comfortable with that. Some people have really funny dating instances to share. It will add some humour to your conversation.
  • Know About Their Favourite Travel Destinations: It's a smart move to talk about your date's favourite travel destinations. It helps you know them and plan a trip to one of their favourite places if everything goes well. Trust us, there's nothing more exciting than traveling with your partner.
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  • Learn About the Types of Movies They Like: Almost everyone loves watching movies and web series. Therefore, you can continue your conversation by talking about the kinds of movies you like. You can also plan a movie date next time, who knows?
  • Talk About Your Favourite Songs: Besides movies, you can talk about each other's song preferences. You can talk about your favourite songs or favourite singers. There are chances that you might discover something in common.
  • Converse About Your Future Goals: Although it's quite early to talk about future goals, you can initiate talking about them at a later stage of your conversation. Moreover, it's always better to know what the person you’re dating wants from the future. Also, for some people, their future goals matter a lot, and they expect their partner to talk about them. Hence, you should bring up this topic somewhere in your chat.
  • Talk About the Qualities they Want In Their Partner: Talking about the qualities one wants from his or her partner is a cute and cheeky way to find out if the other person likes you or not. You can find that too by asking your date about the qualities that they admire or want their partner to have.
  • Talk About Your Friends: You can talk about each other's friends. Knowing about how many friends your date has or what type of people they like hanging out with will also give you an idea about their personality. Moreover, you can also plan out an outing with your friends if things work out between you.
  • Ask Them About Your Next Date: Ending your date on a good note is extremely important. Make sure you don't forget whether your partner would be interested in meeting you again or not. You can also ask them about their experience with you before jumping on planning the next date. In this way, things will be under control.
First dates can be a nightmare for many as they don't know what to talk about. As a result, most couples have to bear the embarrassment of awkward silences and nervousness on their first dates. Dating is something that takes time and effort to get better. Moreover, it isn't easy to let the conversation happen smoothly if you don't know the other person closely. However, you can have a good first date experience if you go prepared. We hope that after going through our article, you might have gotten an idea about how to keep your conversation going. So, try talking about some of the things we have discussed if you are looking forward to meeting your date for the first time. Good Luck!