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9 Best Business Destinations in Europe

17 November 2017

Business Destinations in Europe

So your boss says to you – where do you want to go for your next business trip? We have offices across Europe and you can choose where you want to go next. Dream situation, right? You can select that place you always wanted to visit or somewhere you have fond memories to combine some sightseeing, shopping or fine dining into the business trip. But if you aren’t sure where you would select, here are some ideas for you.


Okay, for UK based companies this isn’t the most exotic location for a business trip, but it has to be said the London is a brilliant place to visit. It ranks as one of the top business cities in the world and is the home of many multinationals as well as big name British companies. There’s also so much to see after the work is done – museums and art galleries, historic buildings, architectural wonders and lots of great shopping!


The capital of the Republic of Ireland has remade itself in recent years into a tech hub and social media company base with the likes of Facebook and Google having a presence there. The Georgian streets of the city are great to explore and there are countless traditional Irish pubs to try a little Guinness – it would be rude not to! The rowdy, Irish nightlife makes for great fun and there are plenty of cultural spots to visit as well.


Frankfurt is Europe’s leading aviation hub and is the largest financial centre in Europe. This means it is a popular place for the banking and associated industries as well as being the location of the European Central Bank. The city is one of the most cosmopolitan in Germany with almost everyone speaking English, making the visit just a little easier. It is also a popular tourist spot with spots such as the Old Town Centre, the Seckenberg National History Museum and the birthplace of the country’s greatest writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


Brussels can easily be called the heart of Europe – it is the base of both the European Union and the United Nations. This makes it a very politically active city with many associations based there. The city also has both stunning culture and a unique cuisine. You can visit one of the top restaurants alongside a very high class escort in Brussels or go to one of the many museums around the city. There’s also a very diverse music scene if you want a change of pace while you visit.


The Spanish capital is home to some 90% of the country’s companies so this makes it a popular place for business trips. There is said to be some one million corporate travellers to the city each year and it is well adapted to welcome them. It is a very sophisticated city with many conference venues and centres for those business meetings and events. But it is also a proper Spanish city complete with its obsession with football and fine Spanish cuisine.


Known as the City of Love, Paris is also the city of business and the thriving hub of French business is just outside the ancient centre of the city. It has one of the highest concentrations of massive corporations ranging from oil companies to investment banks to high-end fashion chains. It is a great city to have some downtime with its many famous monuments, museums such as The Louvre and, of course, the chance to sample fine French cuisine.


Barcelona is another tech-hub that is the location for one of the most important conferences of the year for the industry, the Mobile World Congress. The city has long been a business and commerce centre and has an ideal location on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The city has eight World Heritage Sites spread around it and is a leading location for fashion, science and the arts meaning there is plenty to see after those meetings have finished.


Budapest is an ancient city that has only more recently become a popular place for business visitors. Tourism in the city, in general, is booking with 2016 seeing the highest ever tourist numbers visiting the Hungarian city. It is a business hub for commerce, finance as well as arts and entertainment industries and offers a curious blend of eastern and western approaches.


Amsterdam is famous for many diverse things (from tulips to the red-light district!) and offers plenty for business trips. The city is one of the most bike-friendly, so you can get out from behind the desk for a while and there are many museums and art galleries to visit. While Dutch cuisine may not be as notable as others around Europe, the city offers the widest range of taste experiences to find a favourite or try something new.